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Art History Lectures and Courses

These lectures are all available on request. Many of them were written specifically for universities, museums, galleries and organisations in support of a course programme or exhibition.

The courses are ones that have been given as either yearly, termly or weekend courses for universities, art colleges, ARCA colleges or for independent groups. Please contact me if you are interested in any that do not appear in this year's diary.


                              DRAWING TECHNIQUES OF THE GREAT MASTERS 

                              PRINTS AND PRINTMAKING: A Brief History and Tips for Buyers  

                              A WINDOW ONTO A WORLD: How Artists Created the Illusion of Perspective 

                              COMPOSITION IN ART: Seeing the Whole Picture 

                              A BEAUTIFUL VIEW: The Development of Landscape Painting 

                              MODERN MISTRESSES: Women Artists since 1850 

                              UNDERSTANDING ABSTRACT ART 

                              WHAT IS MODERN ART? 

                              BEAUTY AND ORNAMENT: The Aesthetic Movement 

                              POP!: The Art of the Swinging Sixties 

                              "BIZARRERIES CUBIQUES": Cubism 



                               DRAWINGS OF THE GREAT MASTERS 

                               FROM ENCAUSTIC TO ACRYLIC: A Sticky Story of Paint Media 

                               SECRETS OF THE ARTIST'S STUDIO: A 'Behind the Scenes' Look at Techniques and Materials  

                               EVERY PICTURE TELLS A STORY: Reading Narrative Paintings 

                               HOW WE LIVED: Scenes of Everyday Life 

                               WHERE WE LIVED: The Art of Landscape 

                               STILL LIFE IN ART: Beauty and Meaning 

                               THE ART OF PORTRAITURE: Not Just a Pretty Face? 

                               THE ART OF SELF PORTRAITURE 

                               THE 'ISMS' OF ART  

                               AN ERA AND ITS ART: The Nineteenth Century 

                               AN ERA AND ITS ART: The Twentieth century 

                               UNDERSTANDING MODERN ART 

                               WOMEN ARTISTS: Artemisia Gentileschito Tracey Emin 

                               HOW TO LOOK AT ART: A Strategy for Interpretation 

                               THE HIDDEN LANGUAGE OF ART: Symbols and Allegories