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Art History Course

SECRETS OF THE ARTIST'S STUDIO: A 'Behind the Scenes' Look at Techniques and Materials

When we look at an art work in the museum or gallery we are presented with a finished product. The great artists make it look so easy!

It can be hard to imagine the work that went into making the piece: the skilled use of tools and materials, the study of anatomy and knowledge of geometry, and the understanding of pigments and media.

We will look at drawings, from preparatory studies to cartoons; silver and lead point, chalks and conté crayons, graphite and inks. We will examine different types of composition and see how perspective, along with the use of tone, creates compelling illusions of three dimensional space.

We explore the history of colour and examine representations of the human figure, from the early study of anatomy to depictions of expression.

We will delve into painting media and painters' tools and equipment We will look at different types of printmaking: engraving, woodcut, lino, mezzotint, etching, lithography, silkscreen and photography.

Finally, we explore sculpture in its many forms, from modelling in clay, to carving in wood and marble, casting in bronze and assembling from found materials.

Join me to peer behind the scenes and discover the secrets of the artist's studio.