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Art History Weekly Course

WHERE WE LIVED: The Art of Landscape


Landscape art is hugely popular. But it can be more than a pretty view. It can tell us about how we perceived the environment in which we live: as something to be feared and tamed, as an amenity or consoling vista, as a symbol of national pride or ecological anxiety.

We will explore the beginnings of landscape art in Medieval prayer books and in backdrops to Italian Renaissance portraits and narratives. We will peer through the windows of Flemish interiors and celebrate both land and sea in the Dutch Golden Age. We will dally in the pastoral vistas of Poussin, Claude and Watteau, then seek the Picturesque to the Sublime with Turner and Constable.

In France we will follow the Barbizon school and 'en plein air' Impressionists. We will explore Modern land and city-scapes from the post-Impressionists to contemporary Installation and Land artists.

Join me to take a fascinating journey through 'where we lived'.