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Practical Art Courses

My first degree was in Fine Art and Education and I have worked professionally as a painter (oils) and etcher. I have taught printmaking courses at Bath College, Stroud College and Bath Artists Printmakers. I taught painting and life drawing courses and summer schools for Sussex University in the Gardner Arts Centre studio.

Over the past few years I have focussed my attentions on Art History, but please let me know if you are interested in hosting any of these courses. The 'Drawing for Absolute Beginners' day school has been enormously popular with adult education groups and has minimum requirements for the venue and materials.


Introduction to Etching                                        Course

Colour and Texture Etching                                Course

Painting Studio                                                   Weekend Course

Painting Summer School                                    Week course

Drawing for Absolute Beginners                         Day School

Drawing for Improvers                                        Day School