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Lecturer in Art

Art is quite exceptional in its ability to make us think and feel through visual experience.

Art History equips us with aesthetic understanding, critical skills and a knowledge of historical and stylistic contexts. It helps us to see more.

On this site you will find information about my art gallery talks, lectures, study days and courses. Please join me and open your eyes to art.

Upcoming Events 

Following a pause to recover from a knee replacement, I'll be travelling around the UK and abroad again in 2024. The furthest destination will be a lecture tour of eastern Australia from Hobart to Cairns this summer. Prior to that, I'm delighted to be visiting societies closer to home, from Cornwall to Yorkshire to Scotland.

For my lectures to the Arts Society, Programme Secretaries can find details on the Arts Society website, but please contact me directly with any questions or requests.

In the autumn I shall be starting a course on 'Gods and Heroes' In Thornbury, near Bristol. I shall also run a series of Zoom lectures from November 2024 through to March 2025. Details of both will appear in the diary.

I hope to see you soon!