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Art History Course

HOW TO LOOK AT ART: A Strategy for Interpretation

In this course we will develop and a strategy which enables us, with or without a comprehensive knowledge of art history, to respond to art with confidence.

It is a simple, flexible and effective approach to analysing and interpreting any piece of art work. We will put this strategy into practice by examining a wide range of works from across the history of Western art.

You will recognize subjects and styles, materials and techniques, and place them within their historical context. Most importantly, you will build upon your intuitive responses, look with insight and hone your critical skills.

The course will also tackle some of the other core issues and questions about art: matters of taste, judgement and definition. The cry 'But ... is it Art?' is heard every year around the time of the Turner Prize, but is one we need to address if our art institutions are to be held accountable for their awards, exhibitions and collections.

So, become an active, rather than a passive, viewer of art! Unplug the gallery headphones, take your nose out of the catalogue, and trust your own eyes. This course will be richly illustrated, as usual, and offer plenty opportunity for focussed and enjoyable discussion.