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The Lectures

1. The lectures will cover a range of diverse and topics, some taken from my popular Arts Society (NADFAS) lectures. The first session will be an introduction and (fun!) art quiz.

2. Click here  for the lecture timetable.

When will they run?

3. The series of 10 lectures will run weekly, 3rd October to 5th December.

4. They will be streamed live on Monday mornings, 11.00-12.00 plus q & a. The lecture also will be available to watch until midnight Tuesday. 

5. I will open the meeting at 10.30 in order to greet you and take the register. You do not need to join then, but please do join in good time so we can start promptly at 11.00.

How can I access the lectures?

6. You will require a computer or tablet device with a stable internet connection. The lectures will be via Zoom.

How do I enrol and how much will it cost?

7. The fee for the term is £75. It includes access to the Cloud recording and a slide list.

8. To enrol, all I need is your email address and payment. N.B. I can only let people into the lecture who have enrolled, so please do not pass on the lecture links.

9. Please contact me by email if you are interested in partaking or have any questions.

Can anybody enrol for the lectures?

10. Everyone is welcome.